Pastor Brett Sherwood

Pastor Brett and wife Ann come to us from Maryland in December 2021. Brett also comes to Faith with his stepson, Conner, and his son Foster. We can't leave out their two big fur babies, Basel and Moss. He also has a heart for serving families from children and teens all the way through life and a huge heart for community. He preaches on topics that are relevant and brings scripture to life. We at Faith Church are excited to have him and his family minister to us and with us as we continue to build something organic and based on the limitless grace of Christ.

Garrett Grant

Music Director of Ministries 

Garrett officially joined the staff in 2021 but Garrett has been serving at Faith Church for years through various avenues.  You may find him doing landscaping, snow-removal, leading the choir or most likely preparing for Sunday worship.  Garrett is a gifted musician.

Chrissy Grant

Ministry of Children Formation and Office Administrator

Chrissy Grant, leads the children's ministry and has a desire to build relationships with our children and to point them to the way of Jesus!  She is also in charge of Nursery, the office as well as our Junior Church program on Sunday Mornings.  The Grants have been married for 6 years and have two children, Rebekah and Liam.

Joe and Janice DiDonato

Pastor Joe and Janice DiDonato replanted Faith Baptist Church in 1996 as a mission work.  The church was in foreclosure and on the brink of closing with 20 members.  The church grew steadily and became Faith Church.  Pastor Joe’s vision was to be a radically inclusive church that is Jesus-centered and Love-centered  focusing more on people than dogma.  Pastor Joe always taught that Jesus died on behalf of people not doctrine.   Through the years the church developed into a healthy, growing and inclusive church in Franklin County.  After 25 years of service, Joe and Janice moved to Florida and are leading a church there.  Joe and Janice continue to stay in touch with the Faith Church family.