Welcome from Pastor Joe

Because we try to follow the way of Jesus, ALL are welcome.  All means all.  We are inclusive of all no matter the color of your skin, sexual orientation, political affiliation, age, single, married, gender, background, and education. We are a loving community where EVERY ”ONE”, especially those who have felt “unwelcome”, are equal participants in God’s family and are accepted with compassion and understanding.


Our community is made up of many types of people from differing religious and traditional backgrounds but who share a common love and passion for the way of Jesus. As a church we celebrate the theological diversity of our community. While we have Christian roots we are ecumenical and bring many theological perspectives.  Some of us are conservative, some are not. Some of us love the church, some have been burned. Some of us are seekers, others are fully committed followers. These things might be important, but they’re not what’s most important.

A Christian is someone whose life and faith is oriented around the person of Jesus. We believe the gospel is essential, and everything else is an ongoing conversation. We don’t hold our theological beliefs with a closed-fist, but with an open hand. We believe conviction and humility belong together. We want to be a place where people feel safe asking questions. Our heart is not to enforce dogma, but to enable dialogue. Ultimately for us at Faith Church, Christianity is not a system of beliefs, but a way of life.  We are diverse in every way possible, and do not maintain a litmus test to attend other than a desire to know more. We are committed to living into the paradox of our faith, and never settle for easy answers to complex questions. We believe that God in Christ Jesus is love, generosity, and joy. We try to be the same.


We hope you join us at a weekend service and more importantly, that you'll choose to make this your home church. You'll learn we're not perfect; but fortunately, we are loved by the One Who is. I would love to meet you in person this Sunday at one of our worship services (8:45am or 11:00am).


Blessings, Pastor Joe